Conservation areas

Before any tree work can be carried out, checks must be made with the Local Authority to see if the tree is in a Conservation Area or has a Tree Preservation Order on it (which would mean that an application to carry out the work must be made). The law requires that anyone proposing to  cut down or carry out any work on ANY tree, with a stem diameter of more than 75mm,when measured at 1.5 metres height above ground level, in a conservation area must give the Council six weeks notice of their intentions. Work may only be undertaken either when permission has been given or the six weeks has expired. Penalties: For cutting down or destroying a tree, a fine of up to £20,000 can be imposed – and the landowner is also required to replace the tree that was removed. For less serious offences, the penalty is a fine of up to £2,500.

Preservation Orders

If a tree or hedgerow is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, it is illegal to carry out any  work without permission from the council.
We undertake to contact the relevant Local Authorities and make applications if necessary free of charge.