As usual an excellent job.

Mr L.

Specific Information

We love your guys – nothing is too much trouble and they are great to have around the place!

Mrs P. Oct 2018


I enclose payment for the pollarding of my tree. The work has let much more light onto the hillside and my growing beans.

As always the garden and the drive were left spotless by your operatives.

Many thanks.

Dr B. - July 2018


We just thought we had to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with the work which your men did yesterday.

All the hedges are beautifully trimmed and the conifer at the gate and the Holly tree have never looked better! Not only was their work of such a high standard but they tidied everything up so beautifully afterwards and removed all the debris – which is a big plus factor. They were both so pleasant and helpful and were a pleasure to have in the garden.

They have left behind a greatly enhanced garden and two extremely satisfied customers. Very many thanks again

Mr & Mrs E.


I enclose payment for work on my trees. Those who accomplished the work had very difficult conditions in which to work; not just the terrain, but what was coming out of the sky!

As before, the drive where the chipping had been done, was left spotless. I am very pleased with what has been achieved.

Yours faithfully Dr A.B.


1st November

Dear Simon

Many thanks to you and your team for the excellent job they have done on our hedges and trees. Your team are very pleasant

D. S


Thank you for the work, the guys were amazing, such hardworking staff and really tidy, we are delighted with the work

Mrs H.T.


With reference to the hedge cutting work,  once again I am very pleased with the work your staff carried out and the manner in which they work.

Many thanks until the next time!

Mr A



Thank you for trimming the hedge in our absence, a very good job and we are delighted with it.

Mr C


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Trees can be affected by numerous pests and diseases, and some can have serious consequences for tree safety –

For example

Fungal Fruit Bodies (FFB)                                                                          ffb







Crown dieback, indicating root damage          crown dieback             













Damage to leaves (Chestnut Leaf Miner)

                                                                                                        Chestnut Leaf Miner








Bark Damage, Bacterial Canker in Horse Chestnuts                             


  Bacterial Canker














Blossom End Rot in Cherries                                                                             Blossom End Rot
















Woolly Aphid commonly found in Apple trees, Pyrocanthas, Cotoneasters

                                                                         Woolly Aphid